H Goodwin (Castings) Ltd produce malleable, ductile and grey iron castings for a range of different industries:


All grades of material are used to produce a wide range of parts to drawing for the car, truck, bus, motorcycle and bicycle industries. Parts are supplied to the OEM and Aftermarket service providers.


Suppliers to the tractor and implement manufacturers and to specialist service suppliers and agricultural merchants.


Carriage furniture, braking systems and suspension parts are the most common areas for which we manufacture.

Overhead Line Power Distribution

A range of special parts for railway electrification and main power distribution. These items are used worldwide.


A vast range of parts from vehicle towing attachments to playground equipment and street furniture.

H. Goodwin proudly manufacture Tirion handcrafted seat sticks, which are produced at our Walsall foundry to an impeccably high standard.


H. Goodwin is the manufacturer of Blakey's Segs - the original and best shoe and boot protectors.

Heritage & Antique Castings

Castings recreating the antique and historic effect of castings from previous centuries. Produced from 1 casting to as many as required.


Hydraulic cylinder parts which are extensively found in commercial and off-road vehicle applications.

Architectural Hardware

Castings mainly used in window and door furniture applications.


Special parts to drawing used in scaffolding, formwork and shuttering.

Mechanical Handling

Conveyor chain links used by the farming, bottling and material handling industries.


Flanges and valve industry components that are supplied to customers worldwide.


Special castings for large marine engines.


A large range here from small elbow and 'T' castings to large parts for explosion-proof boxes.


A range of parts used in machinery by both open cast and underground mining operations.


Special castings that are often used by rubber to metal bonders, and are to be found in machine mount and anti-vibration pad applications.

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