Melting is carried out by means of two one ton electric furnaces, two 350kg electric furnaces and two 100kg aluminium electric furnaces. These are run under strict quality control procedures, with metal analysis being checked on our Spectrograph to ensure that every melt of metal meets the required material specifications.

Disamatic Moulding

Alongside traditional skills, H. Goodwin has moved right up to date with Disamatic moulding.

This is a fully automatic moulding line with a vertical boxless mould for higher volumes.

Pallet Line for Green Sand Moulding

A Pallet Line semi-automatic track using Green Sand Moulding is the most economical method of producing castings, using boxless moulds of either 17" x 13" (430mm x 330mm) or 18" x 14" (460mm x 355mm).

Moulds are produced using BMM Jolt Squeeze moulding machines, and then transferred to a multi-track pallet line, which is where the moulds are continually cast.

Once the castings have formed & cooled, they are then transferred to the automatic shakeout machine, from where the sand is sent for recycling.

This method can produce castings from a few Grammes up to a maximum unit weight of 15kgs.

Click below to watch a video demonstration of the Green Sand Moulding process:

Shell Moulding

Shell Moulding is a specialised process using a very fine resin bonded sand on a Super Simplex fully-automatic machine.

Moulding "Shells" are 16" x 12" or 16" x 14". Accuracy is the prime asset of Shell Moulding, therefore reducing the need for expensive machining and grinding operations.

As this is a more precise method of manufacturing castings, it is possible to achieve dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.5mm.

Castings can be produced up to a maximum unit weight of 15kgs.

Air Set

The Air Set production process uses chemically bonded sand, which provides a rigid mould. This makes it an ideal process for one-off and lower production volumes. The mould cost used in this process is relatively cheap.

The moulds are produced on a Fordath computer-controlled machine, ensuring good accuracy and once cast, the sand is then returned for recycling via our reclamation machine.

castings up to a maximum unit weight of 150kgs.

Gravity Die

Gravity Die casting manufacturing allows for precision castings to customer specification.

Secondary Operation Machining

Machining, Grinding, Drilling, Coining and all other secondary operations are either undertaken in-house or by approved subcontractors.

Heat Treatment for Whiteheart, Blackheart & Stress Relief

Specialist in-house, 10 tonne capacity heat treatment enables us to produce the Whiteheart Malleable range which is very ductile and also suitable for producing weldable castings. This same oven also allows us to anneal castings to requirements.

castings to specification - Airset, Green Sand Moulding malleable iron castings malleable iron castings - Shell Moulding