Coining Press

We have recently invested in a P.J. Hare 7.5 ton hydraulic power press.  This will enable us to coin castings, thereby omitting unnecessary laborious grinding operations.  This procedure will increase the accuracy of the finished castings.

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Married Bliss!

After many years, Angie Farrow, our Accounts Office Manager, has officially tied the knot and is now a married lady!

She took a honeymoon on a cruise around the Mediterranean.

We are pleased to advise she has now returned to work and is keeping our finances in order!

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New Machining Department

A recently established in-house machining department has already produced significant improvement to customer satisfaction, due to the quicker turnaround capability.

The processes undertaken include General Machining and Turning, Drilling and Reaming using semi-automatic equipment.  This department complements the traditional Grinding and Fettling section.

The production staff in this area have many years of foundry experience working with cast products.

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