Malleable, S.G. Iron (Ductile) & Grey Iron Engineering Castings

H Goodwin (Castings) Ltd is a well established privately owned West Midlands based iron foundry. The business was started by Mr. Goodwin in Walsall in 1919 as a malleable & grey iron foundry. It has been developed over the years to become a leading foundry producing engineering castings - malleable, ductile, aluminium and grey iron castings for a range of different industries.

Our iron casting manufacturing consists of grey iron, s.g. iron (spheroidal graphite or commonly known as ductile iron), malleable iron (the ideal weldable iron) and aluminium.

Production Methods to suit all Requirements

Our iron foundry utilises the following methods of manufacturing -

  • Disamatic Moulding
  • Pallet Line for Green Sand Moulding
  • Air Set
  • Shell Moulding
  • Gravity Die

These methods ensure that a cost effective production process is always selected to provide the best price for a quality special part casting product to suit one offs, low, medium & higher volume requirements.

Our mix of casting equipment ensures that we have a versatile facility that enables us to also offer competitively priced castings with a quick lead time.

All melting is carried out using two one ton electric furnaces, two 350kg electric furnaces and two 100kg aluminium electric furnaces.

Secondary Operation Machining

Machining, Grinding, Drilling, Coining and all other secondary operations are either undertaken in-house or by approved subcontractors.

Heat Treatment for Whiteheart & Blackheart Malleable Iron Castings

Specialist in-house, 10 tonne capacity heat treatment enables us to produce the Whiteheart Malleable range which is very ductile and also suitable for producing weldable castings. This same oven also allows us to anneal castings to requirements.

In-house Pattern Design & Prototype Manufacture

Our technicians design the patterns to ensure optimum layout is achieved with efficient metal flow. We retain an in-house pattern development department with its own manufacture and development capability.

Surface Treatments

Surface treatments including Galvanising, Zinc Plating & Painting are provided as required.

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